Green River College Unveils New Beta Website

new Green River College website

Welcome to the future Green River College website!

Green River College is pleased to welcome you to the beta of the new website! The new website is the culmination of work done by the Web Team, the Web Advisory Committee, and Green River College students that took place over the last seven months.

The beta website will be a working site until Oct. 2017, when it will launch in full and replace the current, five-year-old, Green River website. During the beta period you will still be able to access the current Green River website at

The beta period will allow the Web Team to test design and usability, receive feedback, and continue to make improvements and changes where necessary. It also gives faculty, staff, students and community members time to familiarize themselves with the layout and navigation prior to the transition.

One of the most notable changes from the current is the new navigational menu, which is no longer organized by internal departments.

navigation menu for the new Green River College website

According to Philip Denman, assistant director, College Relations, the decision to reorganize the menu was made based on the Web Team’s research, input from the Web Advisory Committee and focus group feedback.

“We found through our research and testing that users identify better with audiences and tasks, which the new site reflects,” Denman said. “Most of our students don’t know that Financial Aid is a part of Student Affairs, instead they think of it as a way to help pay for their college, so we created a category called ‘Pay For College.’”

The new menu also allows users to access more content from the homepage, eliminating unnecessary clicks. This is most apparent with the addition to Quick Links—found in the top right corner of—as well as Student Support and Employee resources—both found in the footer.

“The analytics on the current site showed that most people used the Current Student and Faculty & Staff pages as a jumping off point where they’d visit the page just to click a link,” Denman explained. “We moved the most accessed pages and apps to Quick Links and the footer so that they’re easily accessible on every page, eliminating unnecessary trips back to a landing page.”

Other features include a responsize modern design, more accessibility options, and pages that better reflect the information found within. For example, information about Student Affairs can be found on the top-level Students page, while Student Life events and programs can be found on the task-driven Get Involved page.

In This Section menu on the new Green River College website

Most pages also feature an “In This Section” menu on the left side, which includes subpages with more information, or related pages found in different parts of the site. Using this menu will help you further explore pages within that section.

We realize the new website is a major change from the current Green River website and that it will take time to adjust. It’s also important to note that while the new website is in beta, and as we begin to receive feedback, you may notice changes to the new website’s structure, menus, page layouts, images, etc.

We encourage you to take time exploring the new website. If you encounter any broken links, formatting issues, or other oddities please submit a bug report so we may look into the issue. After taking time to explore the site please feel free to submit your feedback to let us know about your experience, or if you have any suggestions for how we might make improvements.

Thank you and happy browsing!

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